We Would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible
— Vince Lombardi

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Robert's family raised the sum of $200,000 upon his passing in February 2011. This Scholarship Fund will be in place forever. Annually, 5% of the total sum of the Scholarship will be used to provide one scholarship to an academically qualified and deserving undergraduate student with an financial need in The Peter J. Tobin College of Business. Preference will be given to a incoming freshman majoring in Accounting or Finance. The scholarship is renewable annually if the recipient maintains an overall grade point average of 3.0 or higher. The recipient of the scholarship shall be selected by St.John's University Office of Student Financial Services. The Mighty Oak Fund will promote fundraising to add to the principal of this Scholarship. To present, over $50,000 in additional principal has been raised and added to the sum of the initial Scholarship. From time to time, The Mighty Oak Fund will directly donate to certain needs St.John's University may have.


In 2017, The Mighty Oak Fund formed a partnership with Littleton High School Girls Basketball. Among other things, we established a scholarship that we hope to continue each season. The scholarship was named "The Mighty Tiger Scholarship Award." The criteria for this award is defined as follows:

A player who exemplifies what it means to be the ultimate teammate. A player the team looks to as a leader. A players who put the team ahead of individual statistics and achievements. A player that demonstrates great sportsmanship during the wins and the losses. A player that leads by example in her actions on and off the court. A player that consistently brings energy and enthusiasm to practices and games. A player that is hard working, reliable and an all around pleasure to be around.

Kaitlyn Wilson, a graduating senior, was the 1st recipient of the award. She received the award during the Littleton High School Basketball Award Night in March of 2018. She received a $1000 scholarship as well as 2 Celtics tickets.

At the 2019 Littleton HS Basketball Award Night, 3 players received The Mighty Tiger Scholarship, each for $500. PJ Barbella, Falynne Rzezuski and Caitlin Feltus. Congratulations to the 3 to be rewarding with this honor and selected by their coaches.


Since 2016, The Mighty Oak Fund has provided scholarship assistance to children attending Camp Tahattawan. To date, over $6500 of registration cost has been subsidized to families that have a need. The Mighty Oak Fund has also funded the cost of Swim Lessons at Long Lake.

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Since January 2016, The Mighty Oak Fund has provided scholarship assistance to children participating in any Littleton Youth Sport Program.  Over 100 youth sport scholarships have been granted to date.